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  Green-proven American and UK outsourcing vendors regaining competitive traction against environmental slackers, according to latest Black Book of Outsourcing report.
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Black Book reveals offshore tech firms not meeting environmental commitments

According to The Black Book of Outsourcing 2008 Green Report, among 4200 surveyed global outsourcing users, just twenty percent of outsourcing clients has seen any substance from the environmental change promises made by their offshore suppliers in the previous year.

Fatigued with budget and staffing cutbacks, 91 percent of outsourcing users expressed intense dissatisfaction and growing impatience with their offshore service providers which claimed they would help shoulder the financial and operational burdens of green technology yet done nothing.

Despite a focus shift caused by the financial crisis, 94 percent of American corporate leaders still consider eco-friendly computing as an important element in their technology strategy. After the challenges of budget management, 26 percent rated finding demonstrated green outsourcing partners as their top IT priority.

The lack of comprehensive global standards and enforceable regulation has allowed offshore tech outsourcers to dodge environmental accountability beyond simple low hanging fruit programs according to the survey results. Several named Indian and Chinese tech vendors, in particular, have been identified for noncompliance in meeting even simple efforts to reduce their clients' carbon footprints.

“US and UK businesses have risked their corporate accountability for the environment on offshore outsourcers without seeing any substantive efforts,” said Doug Brown, Managing Partner in Brown-Wilson Group, the survey sponsor.

Corporate executives have lost patience with vendors loitering on the issues of sustainability. Many replied on the word of offshore tech firms to produce innovate green strategies which have not materialized. “By the end of 2009, the only those tech vendors who will contractually deliver on the triple bottom line: economic gains, environmental stewardship and social improvements will enjoy the meteoric growth of outsourcing days gone by,” said Brown, “because they offer more than basic cost savings.”

A concerning number of offshore vendors have reacted to the need for sustainable IT processes in a way Brown-Wilson Group terms green washing – the practice of boasting a pro-environmental stance that's purely superficial. In the past, it was easier for offshore vendors to say, 'we're doing our best,' and placating clients. “But now they're being called out for polluting and bringing humiliation back to their clients. It's a position US & UK corporate leaders can not tolerate any longer”, said Brown.

Among the top twenty best performing tech outsourcing suppliers, according to global clients, are in order: Hewlett Packard-EDS, CSC, Oracle, SAIC, IBM Global, Atos Origin, Accenture, Logica, Unisys, Capgemini, Fujitsu, Perot Systems, Hitachi, Sapient, Wipro, T Systems, BT, Patni and ITC Infotech.
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