Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Global offshore wind capacity will increase nearly sixfold over the next decade


By the end of 2017, offshore wind had only been deployed commercially across seven markets, with UK and Germany accounting for 68 percent of the grid-connected capacity. However, according to a recent report from Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables, global offshore wind power demand will increase almost sixfold over the coming 10 years with projects deployed commercially across 18 countries by 2027.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Upstream M&A erupts


Puffs of smoke a year ago indicated a reawakening of the M&A market. A full blown volcanic eruption has duly followed, deals pouring out of the US Lower48 and activity spreading out across the globe over the last few months.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Wood Mackenzie Report: UKCS Decommissioning


In 2015 operators have reacted to the low oil price environment by deferring spend, and delaying sanction of new developments. Without continued investment in the UK, especially in mature fields with ageing facilities, the decommissioning glut is looming. We have analysed the impact of the low oil price on the timing of cessation, retained decommissioning liabilities and batch decommissioning. read more