Wood Mackenzie Ltd: LNG's Surfing the Wave


Gas looks the best bet of the fossil fuels through the energy transition. Coal demand has already peaked while oil has a decade or so of slowing growth before electric vehicles start to make real inroads in transportation. Gas, blessed with lower carbon intensity and ample resource, is set for steady growth through 2040 on our base case projectionsread more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Will Aluminium Cans Replace Plastic Bottles?


Plastic pollution is a global problem. The statistics are alarming – and emotive. However, it remains the modern world’s packaging material of choice. Roughly a third of the 350 Mt produced globally is used in packaging applications. But as public perception shifts and the issue gets pushed up the political agenda, the tide could be turningread more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Wood Mac politically motivated price tag of $4.5Tn for renewables


There are so many people that just do not get climate change and though there are less who do not understand the benefits of renewables, there are lots and lots of those. There is the fossil fuel brigade who just want to confuse everyone and tell you the world can’t live without them, while other’s still say things like “renewables can’t do it all on its own, we need nuclear.”read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Can Cities Help Speed Up The Energy Transition?


Cities, particularly large metropolises, have rarely been seen as drivers of environmental change. But out of the exhaust fumes of slow-moving traffic, a number of major cities are aiming to become catalysts for the energy transition – speeding up the move away from fossil fuels, and using technology to become a catalyst for a sustainability.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Global offshore wind capacity will increase nearly sixfold over the next decade


By the end of 2017, offshore wind had only been deployed commercially across seven markets, with UK and Germany accounting for 68 percent of the grid-connected capacity. However, according to a recent report from Wood Mackenzie Power and Renewables, global offshore wind power demand will increase almost sixfold over the coming 10 years with projects deployed commercially across 18 countries by 2027.read more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Upstream M&A erupts


Puffs of smoke a year ago indicated a reawakening of the M&A market. A full blown volcanic eruption has duly followed, deals pouring out of the US Lower48 and activity spreading out across the globe over the last few months.read more