Is consulting ready for its Amazon moment?


Suppose you moonlight as a small business owner and you want to start selling your products online; maybe you make a line of high-quality cashmere socks embroidered with inspirational Paul Drucker quotes. And further suppose that—for one of any number of perfectly valid reasons—you have a strong ethical aversion to working with Amazon, writes Fergus Blair of Source Global Research... read more

McKinsey: Digital transformation: Improving the odds of success


For established companies, the pressure to digitise business models and products has reached new intensity. McKinsey research shows that the best-performing decile of digitised incumbents earns as much as 80 percent of the digital revenues generated in their industries. Ascending to that elite group is far from more

Do Forbes’ consulting firm rankings actually help anyone?


Earlier this week, Forbes, in partnership with Statista, published its top management consulting firms in the US (link is external). As with similar studies in the Financial Times in the UK, or Capital in France, it’s based on a survey of both senior executives in industry and management consultants themselves, and covers 32 sectors and functional areas. The top-ranked firms are the ones with the highest number of recommendations across different categories. The big firms dominate, with Bain & Company and Deloitte topping the ranking with nominations in all 32 categories. In total, 229 firms make the list of top firms, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

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Life outside the fortress


In previous articles on this blog, we’ve talked about ‘Fortress Strategy’, the idea (originally voiced by a client) that the major strategy firms remain firmly in a segment of their own, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research.....
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ThoughtWorks: Idea to product: the working model


A McKinsey report talks about how product excellence provides a key competitive advantage to companies that master their intricacies. However, consistently achieving high performance in this area remains a constant challenge for even the most innovative more

Is the tide turning in the German consulting market?


The overarching narrative within the consulting market over the last decade has been about the inexorable decline of traditional strategy consulting, and of a more practical, implementation-focused brand of consulting emerging in its place

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The competitive ‘bar-code’


Trying to map the competitive landscape? Here’s a different way to do it. Part two of a series of articles that Source are publishing based on their on-going research into how clients see consulting firms. read more

Capgemini: The "digiratis" are by average 26% more profitable.


The United States takes pride in being on the cutting edge of all things digital, and rightly so: American innovations and innovators have led the way. Yet according to recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. economy operates at only 18% of its digital potential, and the sort of productivity gains that digital technologies should be enabling are not showing up in the broader economy. Why is that? read more