IBM: The future of automating all types of work


There‘s a lot of excitement about business automation these days and for good reason. Developments including artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation bring the promise of transforming work as we know itread more

IBM: IBM, Orbs, ConsenSys Work Together On Global Blockchain Settlement Platform For Telecoms


The ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), which is a network of leaders from the world’s largest wholesale carriers, announced Monday the launch of a blockchain-based platform. Known as the Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), this will revolutionise the ICT Service Provider industry’s commercial settlement infrastructure, representing an opportunity worth billions to the global more

IBM: IBM and the NHS: Working in Partnership


As a new generation of technology is changing our lives there are no shortage of opportunities for technology to revolutionise the National Health Service. But it’s not just about getting the current systems working better for the 1.4 million NHS staff and over a million patients the NHS sees every dayread more

IBM: C-suite executives are ready to double-down on cloud computing


At a time when the hype around emerging technologies such as autonomous cars and augmented reality seems to be sky-high, C-suite executives are keeping their feet firmly on the ground when it comes to investing in a core area: cloud computing. Studies show that executives’ interests are evolving beyond basic cloud solutions to more flexible and versatile ones, such as hybrid more