Zen Ecosystems: Why We're At An IoT Inflection Point: The Case For Open Networks


It’s no secret that one of the largest areas of growth in the tech industry is deploying and optimising internet of things (IoT) devices. After smartphones conquered our pockets, the world’s most innovative companies are building intelligent devices — smart thermostats, speakers, plugs, security systems and more — to control convenience and comfort in another extension of ourselves: the homeread more

PwC: Megatrends: 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business.


It feels like a time when we need some foresight, foresight as to what our World might become, should become. We all have an opportunity – I’d say a responsibility – to dig deep, to search for innovative solutions, inspire good growth, economic prosperity, stronger communities, healthier people and greater social mobilityread more

Microsoft: Microsoft Unveils Icecaps, An Open-Source Toolkit For Building Neural Conversational Systems


The human race is the most complicated; and difficult system and every human has a different personality of action. Using the same tone and the same language does not fit in order to communicate with different people. However, it is usual for us to use different tones and languages while we communicate with our friends and other people but it is impossible for the machines to have different personas for different people until nowread more

Wood Mackenzie Ltd: Will Aluminium Cans Replace Plastic Bottles?


Plastic pollution is a global problem. The statistics are alarming – and emotive. However, it remains the modern world’s packaging material of choice. Roughly a third of the 350 Mt produced globally is used in packaging applications. But as public perception shifts and the issue gets pushed up the political agenda, the tide could be turningread more

Staff augmentation: Not a commodity


“Staff augmentation” has long been a dirty phrase in consulting, redolent of stacking your consultants high and selling them cheap, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research. read more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: Consulting AI: the five pillars of a successful AI-based transformation


The Artificial Intelligence market is climbing towards its apex, with an estimated industry value of $3.7 billion by 2025. AI dominance will arrive before that; by 2020 AI will be found in almost all new software products and services. However, progress comes with challenges. Specifically, it is difficult to integrate AI in a way that helps the business become more profitable.read more

Microsoft: Microsoft acquires jClarity, a Java performance tuning tool


Microsoft announced this morning that it was acquiring jClarity, a service designed to tune the performance of Java applications. It will be doing that on Azure from now on. In addition, the company has been offering a flavor of Java called AdoptOpenJDK, which they bill as a free alternative to Oracle Java...read more

Data breaches in 2019 already double all of last year


There has been at least one health data breach a day since 2016, with the clear majority in the first half of this year (59%) due to hacking. Insider error or wrongdoing contributed to 21% of the breaches, loss or theft to 9% and the remainder's causes were unknownread more