MCA announces finalists for 2019 consultancy awards


The MCA, the Management Consultancies Association, is delighted to announce that 40 of the UK’s leading consulting firms have been shortlisted in the MCA Awards. PwC lead with 11 finalists, followed very closely by EY with 9 and Coeus Consulting with 7. The UK’s specialist SME consulting firms are well represented this year, with 22 firms making it through to the interview stage. Every year the MCA Awards provide a unique opportunity to see the work that consultants are producing across the country for both the public and private sector, providing value to the UK economy and wider society. Finalists have been recognised for the challenging issues and projects they have completed with positive client feedback and support. Many big name firms and organisations are represented in the work carried out by consultancies this year including Network Rail, Dixons Carphone, Transport for London, the NHS, E.on, Thomas Cook Money and Central Government.
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How Bankers Can Slice Through Chatbot Hype And Get it Right


Chatbots, virtual assistants, conversational AI … even the names are confusing. But these text- and voice-powered software options offer very real promise to improve the customer experience. It's not a quick process, however, as BofA's Erica journey has shown. Two experts help sort through the myths and realities and suggest best ways to implement this important retail banking channelread more

Deloitte: The Industry 4.0 paradox


With the vast opportunity offered by Industry 4.0, a Deloitte global survey explored how companies plan to invest in digital transformation, revealing several disconnects between strategy and more

Forbes: How Industry Leaders Should Think About Cybersecurity


It’s no surprise that when businesses experience data breaches, they are subject to severe penalties. Keeping information available, confidential and integral is the everlasting guiding principle to good cybersecurity. The core principles remain the same, but the threat landscape is constantly changing and deserves continual more

PwC: PWC - we discuss what we can expect in the lead up to March 2019.


Welcome to our podcast series covering Brexit-related events and issues affecting business and the economy. Throughout the Brexit process, our subject matter experts will be sharing their perspectives on the key challenges ahead, helping you to better understand how the UK leaving the EU will affect you and your more