KPMG: KPMG to expand India front and looks to hire 9,000 employees


The management consulting team of KPMG is looking to hire nearly 8,000-9,000 people in India, a tenth of them to be deployed on projects overseas, as they see global clients increasingly want one of the Big Four audit firms to implement solutions and demonstrate results for the strategy guidance it gives them. read more

Forbes: Artificial Intelligence Success Comes Through Growth, Not Labour Savings


It's encouraging that the companies that are taking an early lead with artificial intelligence- they don't see it as just labor-saving technology, rather they see it as a way to grow, to better serve customers and provide a superior experience. This is one of the findings from a recent study by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG, which looked at the state of AI -- and motivations for moving forward with more

How Digital Asset Management can help digital transformation


The global cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) market is expected to grow by 20% between now and 2021, according to a new study by Research n Reports. A key factor for this growth is the recent shift from on-premise to SaaS, as many cloud-based solutions offer low-cost options and rapid deployment of more

PA Consulting Group: How can HE prepare itself – and its students – for the workplace of the future?


“We no longer know who students will be once they leave,” says Jennifer Cable, a consultant in the talent management team at PA Consulting, reflecting on the radically different jobs alumni could be doing in decades to come and how this will impact what higher education has to offer. “Before, the dominant trend was to finish school and go to university staying in the same professional area for life. In the future the pace of technological change will mean the blend of students and approaches to studying will need to be quite different for individuals to continuously learn to keep employable.”read more

KPMG: Inside The Numbers: Q&A With Roger O'Donnell, Global Head Of D&A, Audit, KPMG


While high-performance data and analytics have made a profound impact on all sectors of financial services, the auditing field has needed time to catch up—due in large part to the unique challenges auditors face (in compliance, for example) compared with those in other disciplines. Beyond auditing, the benefits for companies who possess a robust data system are obvious: The right insights help organisations manage business, drive growth, increase efficiency and reduce more

Pricing: How deep do you discount?


How much do you have to discount your consulting fee rates for if you want to have an impact on buying behaviour? 5%? 10%? 20%?... writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research. read more