Should Mercer digitise all of its business?


The birth and death in a single day of a proposed deal between Aon and Willis Towers Watson is a salutary reminder of the turmoil still impacting the people services and consulting sector, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source Global Research. read more

Why Knowing How Your Data Behaves is the Key to Cybersecurity


Data is everywhere. Whether on your phone, an MRI scanner in a hospital or being generated by IoT sensors. It is essential in our hyper-connected world because it generates the foundation of a revolution which is allowing us to achieve more than ever before. However securing that data has never been more critical – or more more

Forbes: Prognosis For Health Care IoT: Six Predictions For 2019


There will be an estimated 14.2 billion connected devices in use this year, and roughly 161 million devices will be cropping up in hospitals, clinics and medical offices by 2020. While security issues with any connected device are concerning, they are particularly troubling for an industry that has such a direct impact on patient safety and lives. read more

Cognizant Modernizes EmblemHealth Legacy Systems


Cognizant has announced its work with New York City based health insurance provider EmblemHealth, one of the largest non-profit health insurers in the U.S., to consolidate all of its applications and operations using Oracle Cloud Applications.

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