Beards and pinstripes—the next big opportunity


We’ve talked before on these pages about the merits and limitations of sub-brands. While they may help to raise awareness of new capabilities, they may also underline that the sub-brand isn’t core to what the firm does. Nowhere is that debate more pressing than in a discussion about digital sub-brands. What’s next for those firms with separate digital sub-brands, if digital is becoming fundamental to everything clients do? - writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research... read more

Deloitte: Blockchain Could 'Revolutionise' Retail and CPG Industries: Deloitte


A new report from "Big Four" auditing firm Deloitte argues that blockchain integrations across retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) could "revolutionize" the industries. The report, titled "New tech on the block," examined 50 blockchain use cases within the two sectors – across three general categories of business: consumer, supply chain and payments and contracts – and scoring them for the "added value" they could create, as per Deloitte's more

Deloitte: Embracing Digital Risk In The Age Of Industry 4.0.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is well underway and many physical assets and digital technologies are connected and interoperable through analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, cloud computing and the internet of things. Automation and decentralised decision making by cyber-physical systems are at the heart of this revolution. But with new opportunities come digital risks that will increase exponentially as Industry 4.0 more

Deloitte: The digital tipping point for consumer product companies Overcoming forces to unlock new potential


Many consumer product companies have invested heavily in digital technologies and capabilities that can help them transform into a truly digital organization. Research by the 'MIT Sloan Management Review' in collaboration with Deloitte Digital reveals that for some businesses, the transformation realities have fallen short of expectations—with a tendency for consumer product companies to lag other consumer-facing sectors when it comes to digital maturity. Five organizational tensions could be preventing these companies from achieving their true digital more

Do Forbes’ consulting firm rankings actually help anyone?


Earlier this week, Forbes, in partnership with Statista, published its top management consulting firms in the US (link is external). As with similar studies in the Financial Times in the UK, or Capital in France, it’s based on a survey of both senior executives in industry and management consultants themselves, and covers 32 sectors and functional areas. The top-ranked firms are the ones with the highest number of recommendations across different categories. The big firms dominate, with Bain & Company and Deloitte topping the ranking with nominations in all 32 categories. In total, 229 firms make the list of top firms, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

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Deloitte: Forces of change: Smart cities


While smart cities earlier focused on connecting infrastructure for better insights, the spotlight is slowly shifting to better engaging governments, citizens, and businesses with the goal of providing improved city services and a higher quality of life. What exactly is Smart City 2.0?read more