WIPRO: Investor Elliott Management buys tiny stake in Wipro


Elliott Management, the activist hedge fund that changed Cognizant’s business strategy, has taken a tiny stake in WiproBSE 1.95 %, highlighting its interest in Indian IT companies. Of about 40 US-listed stocks that the $34-billion hedge fund owns, two are now from the Indian IT sector. read more

Gartner: Why culture is the key to successful digital transformation


Didital transformation changes the DNA of an organisation. It breaks down the silos, rinses existing processes, and makes sure the business is leaner, faster, agile, and more responsive than ever before.Too often, business leaders forget that for such a transformation to be successful, it needs to be backed by a corresponding cultural shift.read more

IBM: Coffee with Blockchain: Filtering out the hype


Blockchain is a secure way to exchange goods, services, and information among the participants in a network. Using a tangible example (global coffee trading), we'll explain the core concepts of blockchain: smart contracts that automatically execute business logic that the participants agree upon, and a shared, distributed ledger that helps guarantee the quality and lineage of goods or services. We'll also show you how blockchain enables collaboration and encourages new business models to emerge.read more

Infosys Consulting: While Indian techies struggled with layoffs, Infosys hired 2,500 Americans in 2017


On March 06, Infosys, India’s second-largest IT services company, said it has hired over 2,500 US workers in the past year. It also announced the launch of an innovation hub in Indianapolis, where it will train, up-skill, and re-skill employees according to its business requirements. In May 2017, the company had said it would hire 10,000 American techies over two years.read more

IBM: Blockchain Talk: IBM Says Blockchain is “really a fundamentally important technology that will change the way the world works”


Just in case anyone in the world still doubts IBM’s commitment to developing blockchain technologies, IBM sounded their bull horn once again by making some rather bold claims. Last month, we highlighted how bullish IBM was about blockchain technology. This past week, IBM’s Senior Vice President of Global Markets upped the ante by claiming that blockchain will change the world. read more

Where next for the agritech revolution?


The race is on to become the dominant digital platform in the agriculture sector, harnessing technologies that boost agricultural productivity through data capture and integration, according to new research from PA Consulting Group.

read more

John Madeley joins PA Consulting Group’s financial services team from PwC


John Madeley has joined PA Consulting Group as a partner in its financial services team in London. John is an insurance specialist and has extensive understanding of the issues and challenges facing the industry. John will spearhead the development of PA's financial services business across the UK with a particular focus on the future of insurance. read more

Frost And Sullivan: $2.5 trillion to be added to global smart city market


According to Frost & Sullivan, the smart city market will top over $2.4 trillion in 2025 and create opportunities for solution providers operating in the segment. The firm predicts widespread adoption of smart city solutions in midsize cities unlike in previous years when majority of the projects were in a select group of innovator cities.read more

Kainos Software Ltd: Kainos announces £10million investment in future tech talent


Kainos Group plc, a leading provider of digital services and platforms and a Sunday Times Top 100 Company, is seeking applications for the 2018 intake on its ‘Earn As You Learn’ scheme. The tech giant has announced that it will double its intake, with 20 places on its innovative programme now available for anyone who wants to start their career in IT, either straight from school or from a different career path.read more

PKF: Renewable energy market remains resilient


The UK renewable energy market continues to develop and adapt in spite of an ever changing regulatory backdrop. From the low we experienced in 2015 with the government’s early closure of the Renewables Obligation, our resilient industry has successfully responded in typical fashion as is evidenced with some notable highs throughout 2017.read more

KPMG: Solar to lead global renewables growth for next five years


Investors throughout the world made 406 investments in large-scale renewables in 2017, collectively valued at roughly €40.1 billion, but solar is set to grow more in terms of capacity than any other clean-energy technology over the next half decade, according to a new report. Battery storage will play a crucial role in this, it found.read more

10 Big Financial Technology Trends for 2018


2018 promises to be the year we see the culmination of some key technologies — from blockchain and intelligent AI, to design thinking and the cloud. Here are the six biggest trends identified by Synechron in their annual forecast.read more

PA Consulting Group: Architecture is still critical to successful IT delivery, but must change to suit an Agile world | PA Consulting


You might think architects aren’t needed with Agile delivery. It’s a question we get asked a lot at PA – after all, if you do a lot of design up front or put too much down in documentation, you won’t be acting in an agile way, right? To save you time, we’ve distilled our experience as hands-on developers, architects and Agilists into this set of guiding principle.read more

Consultants can make a real difference to Healthcare in UK


New analysis has shown that the evolving nature of public healthcare has caused the consulting industry in the UK to adapt its offering to the sector. While tightened regulations have seen the National Health Service reduce its spending on consulting firms in some areas, a number of consultancies continue to gain lucrative business from the NHS via Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.read more

Hitachi Consulting Europe: AI: Beyond AlphaGo!


Perhaps the most seminal event in the recent past years which catapulted Artificial Intelligence to its recent fame and glory has been the win of AlphaGo over the then reigning world champion.The transition to super human levels of maturity for an AI gaming application may definitely be symbolic from an optics perspective but it doesn’t quite even begin to address the wider set of technological, societal and economic implications that take AI beyond the realm of complex gaming into the messy real world.read more

Equiteq advises Ducker Worldwide on its sale to Frontier Strategy Group


Equiteq, the knowledge economy M&A specialist, is pleased to announce that it has acted as exclusive financial advisor to Ducker Worldwide, a premier market research and strategy consulting firm, in its sale to Frontier Strategy Group (FSG), a portfolio company of Boathouse Capital. The transaction closed on February 5, 2018. read more

Jacobs Partners with Atos to Deliver Powerful Predictive Maintenance Solutions


Jacobs Engineering Group Inc and Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, have reached a non-exclusive collaboration agreement to provide predictive, condition-based maintenance and field services optimization solutions to clients across industry sectors including water, energy, transport, aviation, nuclear and the built environment. read more

Looking to 2018: How the newest innovations are reliant on a tried-and-true standard


2017 was a year of innovation in healthcare, and that innovation has meant one thing: more data. In fact, some have suggested that more data has been created in the past year than in all previous years combined. So while last year was focused on capturing as much data as possible, the focus going forward should be on drawing insights from that data – not just within your own health information system, but from across the entire care continuum.read more