Industry veteran Maureen Broderick presents best practices based on 130 interviews with leaders of the world’s top firms.

New book offers a complete guide to building and managing high performing professional service firms

It would be difficult to find a business, government or nonprofit organization that doesn’t rely to some extent on a mix of professional service firms (PSFs) to guide them on everything from finances to legal matters to building design. But where can PSFs turn when they need advice? Until now, these firms have had few sources to rely on for guidance on their unique business challenges. But a new book from industry veteran Maureen Broderick fills this gap, providing detailed, actionable help for managing a successful professional service firm.

The Art of Managing Professional Services is one of the most comprehensive, research-based guides to firm management ever written for the industry. Based on more than 130 in-depth interviews with leaders of the world’s top firms, the book offers practical, proven best practices on how to tackle the ten critical areas that firm leaders must monitor to build and maintain a strong organization: vision, values and culture; people; clients; services; finance; positioning; partnership; strategy; structure; and leadership style.

Maureen Broderick draws on her 30 years of experience in professional services to explore both the art and science of running a high performance firm. “So often management books get caught up in admiring the problem at hand, without offering any concrete solutions for readers,” Broderick said. “With this book, readers can learn from the experiences of their peers through real world solutions. The goal is to make these lessons easy for firm executives to absorb and employ in their own organizations.”

The book features 40 best practices and management programs that can be tailored to any professional service organization and culture. Whether addressing strategy, governance, talent acquisition and retention, compensation or financial management, the book provides the tools leaders need to successfully run their organizations.

Maureen Broderick is founder and CEO of Broderick & Company, one of the few consulting firms that focus exclusively on professional services. Before founding Broderick & Company in 1996, Maureen spent close to 20 years working in-house for industry leaders ranging from Price Waterhouse and Booz Allen Hamilton to the law firm Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison and the research institute SRI International. read more