Roland Berger ranked ahead of their strongest competitors McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group as thought leaders.

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants ranks high as thought leader

In its latest international study for the first half of 2010, the London think tank "White Spaces" ranks Roland Berger 4th of the 25 largest Professional Service Organisations - ahead of McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group - when it comes to Roland Berger's position as a thought leader. Every six months, White Space analyse 10% of the approximately 15,000 articles, interviews and blogs published by Professional Service Organisations for their Thought Leadership Performance.

Roland Berger's internationally awarded publication-set "think: act" plays a major role in the company's position as a Thought Leader. The publications (think: act, think: act CONTENT, think: act BOOKS) address top-notch decision makers from international economy, science and politics. "think: act"-magazine is issued three to four times each year. Its topics focus on new and globally relevant ideas and perspective, emphasising management, strategy and leadership. Exclusive interviews with internationally respected CEOs and acclaimed people are a basic ingredient of this magazine.

According to Torsten Oltmanns, partner and Global Marketing Director at Roland Berger, "the publications do not first and foremost aim at carrying the consultants' messages into the target group. The publications themselves are a major part of the message". This approach has earned "think: act" a number of international Media Awards: "Astrid Award", the "Mercury Excellence Award" and - more than once - the "Best of Corporate Publishing Award". The next issue of "think: act" will be published in late November more