The flexible working programme operated by KPMG among its 10,300 people in the UK has received a top workplace award for gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

KPMG flexible working programme wins City award

KPMG LLP has received the City Award at the Opportunity Now annual awards dinner. The awards recognise UK employers who demonstrate the most commitment to and innovation in creating workplaces where women can succeed.

KPMG's winning entry focused on its flexible working programme which offers a wide range of working options to its people. These include shorter working weeks, home working, job share, unpaid leave, annualised days, career breaks, additional holiday purchase and 'glide' time - when the start and finish times of the working day can be adjusted.

* Over three years, 15 percent of KPMG's people have applied to work flexibly - and 99 percent of applications are approved

* 95 percent of women who return from maternity leave are still employed at KPMG after 12 months. Of those, one third work flexibly.

* The number of flexible working applications rises annually - up by 38 percent in 2006

Rachel Campbell, Head of People Management at KPMG, said: "We are naturally delighted to receive this award. Our flexible working programme helps us to operate in a competitive business environment, by helping to attract and retain the best people. Our own research and surveys show that the need for work flexible working patterns is becoming increasingly important, particularly to those with caring responsibilities, predominantly women.

"We aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace by offering this flexibility to all our employees. This is becoming increasingly important to males as well - with 23 percent of the flexible working acceptances coming from men."

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