Think before you print! Paper waste costing British business thousands.


The much-hyped "paperless office" that was the buzzword of the opening years of the computer age remains a myth as businesses and offices say they're using just as much – if not more - paper than they ever did.

According to one environmentally-conscious waste management and recycling company, businesses are ordering more paper, ink cartridges and associated products in 2014 than they were five years ago, resulting in millions of tonnes of wasted paper.

The only consolation is the increased amount of wasted paper that gets sent for recycling, says – but that's only if companies get their employees to put wasted paper and spent cartridges into the right bins.

"We've been promised a paperless office culture for years, but it's painfully clear that dead trees aren't going to go out of fashion for a long time to come," says spokesperson Mark Hall.

"This means that companies really have to pull their fingers out and stop wasting so much of the stuff," he continues. "We reckon about seven million tonnes of paper is sent to landfill instead of being recycled". asked over 250 companies about their paper and office supply habits over the last five years, and found that many were using just as much as they were before, despite having green policies in place to cut down on paperwork.