Partners at Accenture are facing something of a career dilemma. It has been revealed that only those partners committed to remaining with the firm long term will fully benefit from the impending IPO.

In its listings with the SEC, Accenture has shown it will impose lengthy lock-in periods - effectively seeing that the IPO only benefits those partners who commit their careers to the firm. The restrictions mean:

* Partners will be able to sell no more than 10% of their shares after 1 year.

* no more than 25% of shares after 2 years, and no more than 35% after 3 years.

* Partners will have to wait 8 years to sell their entire holdings, and if they remain employed by Accenture after 8 years will have to hold on to 25% of their shares

Whilst Accenture has clearly imposed the restrictions as a means of retaining talent, it has inadvertently precipitated a crunch career decision for partners in the firm.…read more