Stephen Archer, Director of business strategy and leadership consultancy Spring Partnerships says, “For small business the only concern should be around exchange rates and perhaps a short term recession. A recession, if there is one, will not appear until later this year. Business will carry on as usual, ignore the irrational sentiment of the London markets. SMEs dominate the UK economy and will sustain the economy, as they will across Europe.

I predicted this would happen. The vote sends a message that the electorate matters. It seems likely now that another EU country will follow. A French referendum would take them out after which the EU federal model is over. Only politicians can be blamed for the mess. There is a global sea change emerging in politics and the US Congress democratic sit in is the tip of the iceberg.

Recently I was asked 'what is more powerful; the forces of globalisation or politics?' I believe its globalisation and over the next five years this will be a force for good. Economics and economies will be led by pragmatic global commercial interests and as a result we will see trade agreements emerge with the EU that are in both parties favour. Yes, parts of the city of London will be domiciled in EU cities, but in most ways it will be business as usual.

It’s a massive change but life and business will carry on with prosperity"
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