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Deloitte 4 key drivers of change re offshoring – globalisation, tech, Asia growth, skill shortages.
Offshoring has become a common strategy for many services organisations at a time when the services sector is rapidly increasing in importance in Australia and New Zealand. read more
Frost And Sullivan Five big technology predictions into 2016
Frost & Sullivan's Audrey William, Head of ICT Research, Australia & New Zealand shares her insights for the five big technology predictions into 2016. read more
Hudson And Yorke The future of energy - smart enablers
The energy industry is bracing itself for the transformations on the horizon. read more
Strategy& Great tool and thought provoking questions for any company looking to assess their propensity to innovate.
Welcome to the Innovation Accelerator - your opportunity to understand your company's readiness to innovate and what it takes to create a stronger set of innovation capabilities. read more
Agilisys Improvement in government use of technology imminent?
Can the government take cues from the private companies who have successfully digitised their customer services, and are improvements already on the agenda? "Data is Power." This is what Matt Hancock proclaimed during a speech given last month at the Institute for Government. read more
Agilisys How Black Friday got it's name
If you ask one of those frenzied shoppers how Black Friday got its name, they will likely tell you it has to do with the day after Thanksgiving sales moving retailers from the red (or a profit loss) to the black (or a profit gain.) That's not exactly right, though. read more
Moorhouse Consulting FTSE 250 firms cutting costs for re-investment, not profits
More than half (56%) of FTSE 250 companies, UK multinationals and major public sector organisations are cutting costs in order to re-invest in the organisation, not to protect their profits, according to business transformation agency, Moorhouse. read more
Accenture Being a Digital Woman at Accenture
Discover how women at Accenture Digital are part of a network that share ideas, values, creativity and positivity. read more
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