CEB: 2 Steps to Help Your Content Marketing


Content marketing, brand journalism, owned media, call it what you will, is on the rise. One particularly optimistic study claims it will be a $300 billion industry by 2019. But regardless of the money that firms are spending or earning from it, it's something that any corporate marketer - B2B or B2C - needs to more

Siemens Corporate Shared Services: Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser on the Next Industrial Revolution via strategy+business


Very few companies have survived as many technological and industrial revolutions as Siemens. Founded in Berlin in 1847, Siemens AG has seen and prospered through the advent of steam, trains, electricity, the internal combustion engine, steam turbines, the jet engine, wind power, the personal computer, wireless communications, the Internet, and, now, big data. read more

Cognizant Business Consulting: How to Bring About a Customer-Experience-Focused Digital Transformation - Digitally Cognizant


Gone are the days when implementing a digital business meant centralizing information and automating tasks to achieve optimization. Digital now refers to a new way of looking at business, a completely transformative approach of the enterprise business model, promising far-reaching effects and readying the business for a new age of tech-savvy customers and their digital-centric lifestyles. read more

Molten: The future of work – a journey to 2022


The way people are working is changing - technology, data analytics, social media and ways of communicating are evolving. Different and diverse generations mean that traditional career models could become extinct. These developments will have a fundamental impact on how UK business will attract, retain and motivate a talented workforce. read more

Molten: Who’s Better at Strategy: CFOs or CSOs?


Thirty years ago, strategy was the CEO's job. Since then, as the composition of top executive teams has changed, responsibility for leading strategy development has been shared by more members of the C-suite. The 1990s saw the rise of the strategic CFO, and more recently many companies have created a chief strategy officer (CSO) position. read more

Market Gravity predicts business trends for 2016


Technology is set to have an even bigger influence on British businesses and their product development strategies in 2016, with growth expected within connectivity, omnichannels, financial and payment technology and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, the way big businesses discover and implement innovation is set to shift, with the launch of venture teams and accelerator panels or internal ‘incubators’ to bring a start-up mentality to corporate organisations.

read more

Strategy&: Adapt, disrupt, transform, disappear: The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study


The CDOs themselves, more than 40 percent of whom are members of the C-suite, come from a variety of backgrounds, but by far the most common is marketing and sales, followed by technology. This suggests just how differently the CDOs and the companies that hire them imagine the role, and how varied the digital needs and pace of transformation are from one company to another. read more

Accenture: IT Tech Trends 2016 – Accenture Technology Vision


Winners in the digital age do much more than complete a technology checklist. They know their success hinges on people. Understanding changing customer needs and behaviors is, of course, hugely important. But the real deciding factor in the digital era will be the ability to evolve corporate culture. read more

Capgemini Consulting: Melding of software and hardware


Did it all start with the apple iPod? The perfectly joined up user experience with the cool device, allowing a one-stop shop to evolve into a global cloud platform: iTunes. Where does this leave independent software makers offering device solutions? Will analytic software makers get marginalised?read more