We will not go quietly into the long goodnight


Like 48.1% of the people who voted in the UK last Thursday, we were profoundly shocked by the result. Living in the London bubble, as most of us do, we’d catastrophically and unforgivably underestimated the fears and frustrations felt by other parts of the country. There should have been–and now needs to be–a far more serious engagement around the question of how a small island in north western Europe adapts to the consequences of globalisation. read more

Why we play the blame game


As we are seeing all too vividly at Euro 2016, when the team loses, the manager is usually the first person to get the blame. read more

Stephen archer, Director, Spring Partnerships comments on implications of Brexit for small businesses


Stephen Archer, Director of business strategy and leadership consultancy Spring Partnerships says, “For small business the only concern should be around exchange rates and perhaps a short term recession. A recession, if there is one, will not appear until later this year. Business will carry on as usual, ignore the irrational sentiment of the London markets. SMEs dominate the UK economy and will sustain the economy, as they will across Europe.read more

PwC: PwC promotes record number of equity partners for third year in a row


PwC UK has promoted a record 61 equity partners – the third successive year the firm has increased its new partner numbers. The newly promoted partners, aged between 32 and 51 represent a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experience - with more women, flexible workers and people based in the regions moving into senior positions.read more

Splitting the audit model


We’ve talked on this blog before about what we modestly describe as our ‘string theory’. No, it’s not an attempt to re-write the laws of physics or to solve some of the great mysteries of the universe, but to highlight the way in which the consulting industry is being pulled in two directions, writes Fiona Czerniawska of Source. Torn between growing demand for high-value consulting and a shrinking (but sizeable) need for low-cost consulting, the market, like a piece of string, is being pulled in different directions and may break in two.read more

When AI starts writing thought leadership


I have to confess to having described, in some of my more confrontational moments, pieces of thought leadership as something that could have been produced by “any business-savvy intelligent person, locked in a cupboard with a desk and an internet connection”, writes Rachel Ainsworth at Source. However, having read Man v machine: can computers cook, write and paint better than us? in The Guardian’s weekend supplement, it seems the “person” element of my damning description is now defunct.read more

Microsoft: Microsoft announces they are to acquire LinkedIn


Today Microsoft announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which they will acquire LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion, inclusive of LinkedIn's net cash. LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. read more

Escaping the Rat Race


It is a truth universally acknowledged that consultants are a competitive bunch – we strive to push ourselves to achieve excellence in our professional lives and, naturally, that drive spills over into our physical endeavours too, write Gate One. read more

The evolution of markets, and the role of marketing


Consulting projects don’t emerge out of nothing - unlike the universe, there’s not a vast expanse of emptiness in clients’ minds into which pops—miraculously—the idea for a new project, writes Fiona Czerniawska, co-Founder of Source. read more

Time to re-think Talent: why entrepreneurial consultancies trump the ‘doomed’ big firm model when it comes to attracting the best talent - Simon Dennis is a Founding Director at Gate One


Having just made our 50th hire as a business in our third year of trading has caused more than a few moments of reflection recently: Is there a magic formula for finding the perfect hire for our business?.. How many people do we need to meet to recognise the stars? What would have become of the gems who got away? The last question is purely whimsical conjecture, of course. But I believe I am getting closer to a scientific answer to the first two.read more