Capgemini Consulting: Blockchain will make our data safe and free from disputes


Blockchain is considered one of the “most important IT inventions of our age,” and it was first defined when the cryptocurrency Bitcoin was introduced in 2008. As the dust around the new digital currency settled, everyone started noticing the technology running the show and the discussion around this incorruptible digital ledger has not stopped since more

KPMG: KPMG: U.S. still leads in tech, but rivals aren’t far behind


The U.S. is still a tech innovation hub, but other regions are on the rise, according to KPMG’s annual survey of tech leaders. Silicon Valley and San Francisco are together viewed as the top hub, but Shanghai ranks as the biggest rival when it comes to innovation. No. 2 behind Shanghai is Tokyo, then London, New York, Beijing, Singapore, Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, and more

Do Forbes’ consulting firm rankings actually help anyone?


Earlier this week, Forbes, in partnership with Statista, published its top management consulting firms in the US (link is external). As with similar studies in the Financial Times in the UK, or Capital in France, it’s based on a survey of both senior executives in industry and management consultants themselves, and covers 32 sectors and functional areas. The top-ranked firms are the ones with the highest number of recommendations across different categories. The big firms dominate, with Bain & Company and Deloitte topping the ranking with nominations in all 32 categories. In total, 229 firms make the list of top firms, writes Alison Huntington of Source Global Research...

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PwC: Outperforming the human: How can machine learning help your business?


Every week, it seems someone produces a new estimate for how much data we produce. According to the research company IDC, by 2025 we will have created 163 zettabytes. That’s the equivalent of 40 trillion DVDs, or the entire Netflix catalogue 489 million times over. Technology allows us to gather, organise and analyse these vast volumes of data – but a potential weakness remains, and that stems from human more

WIPRO: Wipro's Rishad Premji appointed Nasscom chairman


Rishad Premji, Board member of Wipro Ltd. has been appointed as the Chairman of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) for 2018-19. Premji has been a member of NASSCOM's Executive Council and was the Vice Chairman for the previous year. He succeeds Raman Roy, Chairman and Managing Director, Quatrro Global Services, who served as Chairman of NASSCOM for the year more

Unisys: 7 Things Healthcare Organizations Need to Know About GDPR


As the world becomes more globalised, and personal data is stored and stretched beyond national borders via the cloud and web servers all over the world, healthcare organisations are no longer the only entities being held liable for the data they hold. Governments are increasingly concerned with protecting the privacy of their citizens, and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest data protection law to sprout up amid growing privacy concerns more

WNS Launches TalentTurf Performance Engagement Platform


WNS (Holdings) Limited, a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) services, today announced the launch of WNS TalentTurf™, a comprehensive and real-time performance engagement platform for talent management which embeds functional expertise, digital capabilities and analytics in the talent management process. read more

If digital transformation is big, where does that leave mid-sized strategy firms?


You don’t need me to tell you that digital transformation is big. It’s already a massive market ($44bn by our latest estimates), it’s growing rapidly, and it’s right at the top of the corporate agenda. What’s more, by being multidisciplinary by nature, and requiring a breadth of consulting services to be truly transformational, it’s particularly big news for big firms. Which, if anything, makes it even bigger.

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Deloitte: Forces of change: Smart cities


While smart cities earlier focused on connecting infrastructure for better insights, the spotlight is slowly shifting to better engaging governments, citizens, and businesses with the goal of providing improved city services and a higher quality of life. What exactly is Smart City 2.0?read more

IBM: IBM Blockchain Joins Sovrin's 'Decentralised' Digital Identity Network To Stem Fraud


IBM and the Sovrin Foundation, a private-sector international non-profit organization, have announced IBM as a “founding Steward” of the Sovrin Network that utilizes the power of a “hybrid” distributed ledger - technology sometimes referred to as a Blockchain. It aims to address the current centralized identity system that costs individuals and businesses billions of dollars every yearread more

PA Consulting Group: How can better collaboration reduce financial crime?


Each year, organised crime generates revenue equivalent to about 2.7 per cent of global GDP and criminals launder US$1.6 trillion of it through the mainstream financial systems. As criminals are becoming smarter and more sophisticated, the social and economic consequences will increase. The financial services industry is doing its best to combat financial crime and protect customers, yet there’s still more to do. read more

PwC: PwC encourages Asia Pacific businesses to invest in UK


The GREAT campaign is an initiative run by Britain’s Department for International Trade to help overseas companies locate and grow in the UK. As part of PwC’s continued partnership for GREAT, the firm has supported a GREAT festival promoting UK businesses to investors based in the Asia Pacific region, hosted in Hong-Kong in the final week of more

PwC: CBI PwC Financial Services Survey Q1 2018


Optimism across financial services has fallen since the last survey, a trend that has seen sentiment deteriorate in eight of the last nine quarters. Taking an industry perspective, optimism appears split, with insurers more upbeat than their banking and investment management colleagues, the latter of whom have reported a decline for the first time in over a year. read more

Statoil enters agreement with Capgemini to advance its digital roadmap


Capgemini today announced that it has signed a new strategic framework agreement with Statoil[1], an international energy company with operations in over 30 countries worldwide. Under the agreement, Capgemini will support Statoil and its Digital Center of Excellence (CoE) with services to further develop and deliver Statoil’s digital roadmap. The contract will run for the next three years. read more

WIPRO: Wipro and Adobe to Offer Enhanced and Solutions


Wipro Limited announced an expanded global relationship with Adobe to create, build and run digital marketing solutions and campaigns for their clients, across the globe. As a part of this alliance, Wipro will embed Adobe’s design and prototyping software, Adobe XD CC, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing and prototyping mobile apps and websites, into its Digital Experience more

How Biased AI is Holding Us Back, and Two Things We Can Do About it


From the largest and most successful tech corporations to the smallest start-ups just finding their footing, most will agree that increasing diversity is in the best interests of customers, employees, and the general public. However, we in the tech world often fail to recognise the impact of our own more

Every business wants AI, but almost no one is qualified to deliver it


The tech industry is desperate for AI talent, with some companies forking over $1 million or more to secure the services of those who can code their way to machine intelligence. The problem, however, is that hardly anyone is qualified to evaluate the relative merits of any particular job more

Employee mental health and high pressured working environments are the number one concerns for UK CEOs - New annual wellbeing report from REBA/Punter Southall Health & Protection reveals latest employee wellbeing trends -


20 March 2018 - Mental health in the workplace is the top priority for almost three in five (60%) CEOs in the UK and the area of employee wellbeing with which their Board is most concerned, according to the 2018 annual report, ‘Employee Wellbeing Research 2018’ from Reward & Employee Benefits Association (REBA) in association with Punter Southall Health & Protection.

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KPMG: Top fintech predictions for 2018


Here's some crystal ball gazing, courtesy of KPMG's global fintech team. In its latest Pulse of fintech report, the firm sets out 10 factors it reckons will drive financial technology this year, after $US31 billion of deals were struck in 2017. read more

Huntswood: Open Banking - A Revolution in Customer Outcomes?


Open Banking refers to the "opening-up" of customer account data held by banks and building societies. It allows other regulated financial services providers to access it in the spirit of providing consumers with a more cohesive service and greater choice as to who provides their payment or account services. Essentially, Open Banking will mean that consumers will gain greater control of their data, and who has access to more